How can I get a Video Fortune Teller in my business?

There are several ways: A Fortune Teller machine can be placed in your store with no cost to you whatsoever.  Then you and our company will jointly share in the revenue. You can purchase one of Video Fortune machines.  Then 100% of the revenue is yours. You can buy a machine through a participation agreement. […]

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What kind of different machines do you have?

We have many varieties of Video Fortune Telling machines and we can customize a special theme or video presentation to suit your needs.  We have a full production studio  in our facility.  The standard Video Fortune teller machine is a “flagship workhorse” and has literally thousands of hours of operation without any down times.  They […]

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Can I promote my business with the Video fortune Telling machines?

Yes.  The machine also give a printed document that has your Fortune, and promotional coupons and QR codes that will promote a website, a menu, a special event and will even offer an upsell, that will earn you even more revenue.  You can offer random free food, dinners, beverages and other things that may help […]

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