Beat the Bookie - Sports Predictor

Unique - entertaining - profitable!

U.S. Patent #9,***,*** 

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Beat the Bookie

Video Fortune Teller

Unique - entertaining - profitable!

U.S. Patent #9,***,*** 

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Video Fortune Teller

Unique - entertaining - profitable!

U.S. Patent #9,***,*** 

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Customize to Your Business

We have many themes that can offer custom video and audio to suit your needs.  Plus the benefits of no cost to you REVENUE!

Plus there are non-intrusive built in UP-SELLS to go back to the customer with offers, coupons, free gifts and future business.

User Friendly

The Video Fortune Telling machines are trouble free and require ZERO maintenance, except for adding paper to the printer. 

Awesome Themes

Standard Fortune Teller, Celebrity Fortune Teller, Betting Tout Machines, Sport Bet Predictor, Instant Marriage and Fortune Cookie Teller are just a few of the many models were offer.  Patent Pending


Support is offered 24/7,  365 days a year.


Fortunes & Sports Adviser & Mock Wedding

from Munari Communications

“Retail-Vending-Entertainment at its finest”

It all started with the need of interactive retail entertainment at its finest.

Customers want to be entertained rather than hustled into buying.  If they enjoy the experience, they will buy.  

Fortune telling, horoscopes, who will win, what should I do, are simple questions people want to have the answers to.  Everyone reads their daily horoscope and everyone reads their fortune cookie.  Thus the need and modernization of an old standby of the past, present and future!  Video Fortune Telling & Sports Betting Adviser.

Tourists and travelers are always looking for something fun and novel such as having their fortunes read, or an INSTANT MOCK wedding by a celebrity official, or by a  “Hillbilly” farmer saying, “Do you take your cousin to be your woman??, especially when they see a shotgun in his right hand.  Of course it is all in fun to lighten up the tension we have 24/7 with all the dreadful evil things in the news.

Geno Munari  utilized the concept of a fortune teller machine from the very beginning.  Over the years the video concept evolved to the present day devices.

Entertaining Vending Products

We have a concept that suits your business.  If not we can customize the machine. We can create a special scripted presentation that will compliment your venue.  Our Fortunescope will enhance your revenue and encourage repeat business.  We keep up to date with the latest technology yet keep the interactive machine simple, comfortable and easy to understand.


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Why choose us?

Video Fortune Telling is an age old time tested concept that is well received and offers retail-entertainment at its finest.


Call us!

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question section

Have some questions?  Here are some frequently asked questions but is you don’t see your query here, please call us at (702) 236-4114.

How can I get a Video Fortune Teller in my business?

There are several ways:

  • A Fortune Teller machine can be placed in your store with no cost to you whatsoever.  Then you and our company will jointly share in the revenue.
  • You can purchase one of Video Fortune machines.  Then 100% of the revenue is yours.
  • You can buy a machine through a participation agreement.  A minimum down payment and a weekly payment from your share of the revenue.

What kind of different machines do you have?

We have many varieties of Video Fortune Telling machines and we can customize a special theme or video presentation to suit your needs.  We have a full production studio  in our facility.

  •  The standard Video Fortune teller machine is a “flagship workhorse” and has literally thousands of hours of operation without any down times.  They operate 24/7.
  • The Sports Predictor is the perfect machine for a sports bar, casino, a sports-book, a race track and anywhere where people like to wager on sports.  Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, gold, soccer and more are offered.
  • Plus we have some special new models that are getting the final touches.   They are so good that you will absolutely love them. Call us for the secret details.

Can I promote my business with the Video fortune Telling machines?

Yes.  The machine also give a printed document that has your Fortune, and promotional coupons and QR codes that will promote a website, a menu, a special event and will even offer an upsell, that will earn you even more revenue.  You can offer random free food, dinners, beverages and other things that may help promote your business.  

View Screenshots

Here are a few screen shots and photos.

Our Client loves

Our clients love the extra revenue that a small square footage footprint occupies. Only four square feet and the revenue is $300+ per week.

Geno Munari

Pricing Plan

We have several ways to acquire a Video Fortune Teller and Sports Advisor machine. Here are just three basic ways.

Participation Plan



  • No cost to you
  • 50% of Revenue
  • 24x7 Support




  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Percent of Revenue to you and % toward purchase.
  • 24x7 Support




  • One Year warranty
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • 100% of Revenue



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Top Ratting


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Get in Touch

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our Video Fortune machines.  We can  bring revenue to your business without you investing one cent.  Please fill out the form for a quick reply.
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